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The author's Introduction sets forth the rationale and scope of The Juggler's Manual of Manipulative Miscellanea.

The Juggler's Manual of
Manipulative Miscellanea

The Juggler's Manual of
Manipulative Miscellanea:
The Classic Skills with Top Hat,
Cane, Plates, Nesting Cups,
and Assorted Objects

By Reginald W. Bacon a.k.a "Mr. Slim"
(Newburyport, Mass.:
Variety Arts Press, 1984)
104 pages; illustrated
ISBN: 978-0-9817945-1-8
LOC: 85-050557

The Juggler's Manual of Manipulative Miscellanea by R.W. Bacon (a.k.a. "Mr. Slim") is the only book of its kind detailing the author's arcane acrobatic juggling and manipulative specialties. A popular reference consulted by jugglers around the world, it has become a "best seller" among juggling books since its publication in 1984. The book explains and diagrams the classic theatrical vaudeville performance skills with top hats, canes, plates, nesting cups, and assorted objects. Authored by a noted touring professional, the book includes history & background, the applied physics of juggling & manipulation, the wide variety of mixed-object & combination stunts, and valuable presentation tips. "A good lesson in entertainment." --- Juggler's World Magazine.

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