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The author's introduction sets forth the rationale for The Wesley H. Bacon Reader.

About The Wesley H. Bacon Reader

The Wesley H. Bacon Reader began as a compilation expressly for future generations of his family, so that they might get to know this special man. In time, Wesley H. Bacon (1922-2001) will be an ancestral grandfather deserving of all the "greats" in the prefix. Yet his life offers an example worth sharing more widely.

Wesley H. Bacon --- in constructing his multi-faceted life from humble beginnings --- stands as an example that we can light our own "spark." We don't need to be born into riches. We don't need to wait for an assignment from the teacher to go after knowledge. We're not doomed to accept a life of mediocrity. Yes, it's possible to harness our concentrative powers. As he often intoned: "The man who rises to conquer his own mind is more powerful than one who vanquishes a multitude in battle."

From the memoirs of his years at sea, to his short stories, to his showbusiness life, his aviation career, and through his mystical aphorisms, The Wesley H. Bacon Reader aims to convey the essence of his "spark" to receptive readers everywhere.

The Wesley H. Bacon Reader:
Pursuits, Passions, & Peregrinations
of a 20th-Century Autodidact

Memoirs, Short Stories, & Scripts
by Wesley H. Bacon

(compiled & edited,
with biographical sketch
& career profiles
by Reginald W. Bacon)
(Newburyport, Mass.:
Variety Arts Press, 2015)
304 pages; includes
annotations & endnotes.
ISBN: 978-0-9817945-3-2
LOC: 2015909074

Wesley H. Bacon (1922-2001) was a virtuoso telegrapher, radio wizard, global traveler, avid aviator, elegant sleight-of-hand magician, Houdini-like escape artist, Wild-West six-gun twirler, erstwhile short-story writer, hypnotic baritone vocalist, WWII Navy veteran, mystic philosopher, citizen of the world, ... and Dad.

This volume compiles memoirs of his years at sea, short stories, performance scripts, and other assorted writings. Also included are a biographical sketch and profiles of his careers in radio, aviation, and performance by the editor/compiler.

Wesley H. Bacon was small in stature, modest by nature, and began with no particular advantage in life. He was abandoned by his father. He bounced from school-to-school in three states. His formal education ended at the 9th-grade. Yet his red-hot intellectual spark led him to live real-life adventures of his boyhood dreams.

Was it nature? Or nurture? A tenacious autodidact? Or predestined polymath? Explore these questions ... or pose new ones ... in The Wesley H. Bacon Reader.

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