Observations from
the rockpile ...

This space is reserved for occasional ruminations or updates on the hard labor of works in progress. However, in those times when there is absolutely nothing worthy of legitimate reportage, there may be within this sidebar the oddball essay or self-indulgent reminiscence. And when there is no oddball essay to follow, you'll know that real work on various projects precludes such indulgences.

Current Projects-in-the-Works

Since concluding the long career in commercial showbusiness and morphing the stage repertoire into the illustrated lecture and exhibition, "A Vaudeville Retrospective", efforts have also focused on the compilation of The Curator's Guide to American Vaudeville, a companion book that aims to ease the path for curators of related popular culture exhibitions over the next few decades. This book will draw upon the insights gleaned from four decades of performing early 20th-century ragtime, jazz, vaudeville, and circus for the contemporary public --- all filtered through the theoretical knowledge and practical experience of a museum interpreter, presenter, and educator.

Other publishing projects in the works are: